Financial Advisory

Our professionals provide specialized financial advisory services for our clients at all stages of the business cycle.


At Ralevic & Ralevic LLP, we offer services related to the acquisition and sale of businesses and related due diligence, financing and valuing of companies for sale or purchase, cash flow analysis, business ownership structure and strategic planning.

Whether you are a start-up business, well in the growth stage, or looking to sell your business and enter retirement, we are here to assist you in the process of valuing your company, finding buyers, and closing the sale.

Our Approach

We are here to support you and your business needs as we help you navigate today’s fast paced and rapidly changing business environment. All financial advisory work is conduced in-house, by our experienced partners and management, all of whom have at least 10 years of accounting experience. We tailor our services to satisfy your business needs and we work collaboratively with you to ensure success and reduce risks. Our advisory experts and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) work on behalf of our clients using advanced research methodologies to produce high quality reports, detailed computations and professional presentation materials. Our partners also represent our clients at board and investor meetings.

  •  We conduct business valuations and financial modeling for private companies, and prepare presentation materials and reports for senior executives.
  •  We analyze industry prospects by gathering information about growth and competitors.
  •  We analyze the market and financial position of client companies, and review company fundamentals.
  •  We conduct due diligence on companies in connection with the valuations for merger and acquisition transactions.
  • We identify, manage and mitigate risk.

How Ralevic & Ralevic LLP can help

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our professionals advise corporate and private investors through each stage of the merger and acquisition process, from strategy, to due diligence, to execution. Work with our partners to achieve your growth objectives

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a critical component to any successful acquisition. Our partners will work with your firm to identify areas of concern and mitigate risks involved in an acquisition.

Business Valuations

Are you looking to sell your business? Our partners provide valuation services to assess the value of your business, increase business value or to assess economic losses. We also provide valuation services as part of M&A transactions.

Quality of Earnings Reports

Our professionals provide reliable quality of earnings reports that give lenders the necessary confidence the earnings and reported cash flows will be sufficient to service the outstanding debt.

Divestitures & Carve-outs

Considering selling off a part of your business, or subsidiary, or carving out a part of your business? Let our partners work on your behalf to develop a winning strategy that is founded on rigorous due diligence.

Investor Packages

Our partners work with numerous clients to develop high quality investor packages for raising capital with private equity firms and institutional investors, and our partners also represent our clients at various investor meetings and presentations.

Let us help

Our partners are here to listen to your concerns and work with you to tackle even the most complex challenges that your business faces.