Whether you are looking to buy or sell a business, perform an estate freeze or obtain a bank loan, our valuation services will provide you with an accurate value of your business.


Valuing a business is a complex process that takes into consideration many interrelated variables, including financial statement analysis, tax considerations, market assessments and financial transactions. Our accounting, tax and valuation experts provide valuation services for various purposes, including valuing a business for purchase or sale, reorganizing a business for tax planning purposes or determining a price to settle a disagreement between partners.

Our Approach

We provide independent and professional valuation advisory services to our clients, which are in line with International Valuation Standards and that follow the prescribed guidelines as set out by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuations (CICBV).  All of our team members follow strict confidentiality guidelines when it comes to valuing your business or business interest. We work with our clients to determine the fair market value and use robust methods to ensure that the value reflects market conditions.

Valuation Services

Our valuation experts provide the following valuation services:

  • Mergers, acquisitions & divestitures
  • Corporate reorganization & business restructuring (segregation and valuation of segments)
  • Shareholder and management buyouts
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Minority shareholder actions (dissent and oppression actions)
  • Income tax transactions (establishing the fair market value)
  • Matrimonial law matters (divorce, determining the value of business assets & structuring settlements)
  • Employee share ownership planning and stock option issuances
  • Estate planning & estate freezes (orderly transition and distribution of assets)
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Quantification of economic losses (patent infringements, breach of contracts, business interruption claims for insurance purposes)
  • Fairness opinions¬†(conclusion on the fairness of a proposed transaction)
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Looking to purchase or sell a business, or reorganize your business for estate planning purposes?

Our valuation experts will work with you to determine the fair market value of your business that reflects accurately the existing market conditions.

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